Youth projects

MPC Youth Sunday 2015 Need To Breathe “Multiplied”


MPC Youth 2014 – Youth Sunday –¬†Presents Newsboys’ “We Believe”


MPC VBS 2014 – What a blast!


Milliken Presbyterian Youth – May 2013 – Youth Sunday – Inspired by Hawk Nelson’s “Words”

MPC Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 (Group Publishing Kingdom Rock Material)

Milliken Presbyterian Church VBS 2012 “Sky” Group Publishing

Celebration Sunday 2011
Romans 12 speaks to all of us in different ways about how to live our lives and be ourselves in Christ. Not only does it give us examples of how to approach life, but releases us from the judgment of worldly opinions. AMEN!! We hope you all enjoy and are blessed by these words as much as those of us who were involved in the process of creating this video…Praise be to God!!