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Help support our mission! Our online giving program is run by the Presbyterian Mission Exchange. Clicking on the green Give Now button anywhere on our website will take you to the custom donation page created specifically for our church by the PME. On that page you will have the option of giving a one time gift or establishing a recurring donation at whatever frequency and amount you desire until whichever date that you schedule your donations to end. Utilizing the drop down box in the Fund Information section will allow you to select from the following donation options.

General Operating Fund

This fund is designed to serve the purpose of collecting tithes and offerings. If you wish to support the daily mission of our church by contributing to budgeted items such as general mission, personnel, evangelism and outreach, or property upkeep, please select this fund.

Christian Education

Our church offers wonderful programs like Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and many other special events. To help both our youth and adults continue to learn and follow Christ, pledge to help support our Christian Education.

Food Pantry

Four times a month our church opens its doors in conjunction with United Methodist Church of Johnstown and Weld County Food Bank to help supply some of the most essential needs to members of our community. On average we serve more than twenty families per day that the food bank is open, which means over a hundred individuals. Help keep our shelves stocked by donating to this fund.

Special Offerings

From time to time we collect special donations for mission work or projects that benefit both the congregation and the community. Do not feel limited, however, to make a special offering only when we campaign for them. Use the “Note” text box at the bottom of the donation page to specify for what purpose you would like your special offering to be designated.

Note: We discourage anyone who does not have the means to give via credit card to do so. Please only donate by credit card if you are sure that you will be able to pay the full amount on your credit card bill at the end of the month. Instead we ask you to consider donating via debit card or direct transfer. It is not our desire to see anyone go into debt.